eliseElisabeth Schimana | Artistic Director
has been working as a composer, performer and radio artist since 1983. She studied electro-acoustics and experimental music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and musicology and ethnology at the University of Vienna. 2005 she founded IMA Institute of Media Archeology.

Anna Vonach | Account Staff

Norbert MathNorbert Math | Server

studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts (Institute of Electroacoustics). Projects in the fields of Radio Art, Electronic Music, Installation, Net Art et alii

Peter Szely | Project Management
studied at the Institute for Electro-acoustic and Electronic Music, Vienna. Since 2003, he has been in charge of the sound architecture and the sound direction for the series TONSPUR für einen öffentlichen raum, a project by TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien.