In this project we are trying to ask questions about the codes of our communication.

22 05 2017 – 23 07 2017 | LAMES, Spratzerner Kirchenweg 81 – 83, St. Pölten | in cooperation with Diakonie St.Pölten and LAMES | project coordination: Elisabeth Schimana and Angela Koch
with: Hasan Al Abdallah, Deysem Dli, Yousef Abo Ghzal, Azad Muhamed, Aghela Oalander, Sahra Rajabi, Raghdad Soufi
Präsentation 19 07 2017 – 23 07 2017 | Parque del Sol Symposium for interdisciplinary art

What codes do we use?
Language? Sound? Font? Text? Body language? Dance? Digitized images? Photography / video? Craft? Woven or knotted carpets? Digital symbol culture? Pictograms?

How do the cultural differences in the use and handling of these codes manifest themselves?

We address these questions with a group of asylum seekers in a period of two months and present the results at the Parque del Sol Symposium for interdisciplinary art.