Mediation by reinterpretation

The project was initiated by LIMA and further developed during several interdisciplinary network meetings in 2016. The fundamental question is how do we catapult ephemeral analogue/digital art into the next millennium?

Media are in danger of extinction. Data can no longer be sorted out and our culture is drowning in digital Nirvana. In addition to the permanent migration of data and the preservation and maintenance of obsolescent hardware, one highly promising strategy is reinterpretation, or simply interpretation, which has been a common practice in music for ages.

What does this mean in the museum context, in matters pertaining to preservation? And in the case of reinterpretation when do we speak of a new work? These and other questions will be pursued in future interdisciplinary network meetings and implemented and analyzed in practice by commissioning artists to interpret media artworks.

In concrete terms, for 2017 we are in the midst of a collaboration with the Medienwerkstatt Wien in the form of the reinterpretation and presentation of one of the works from its collection. In the long-term we also plan to incorporate Lower Austrian museums and collections into this project.