Hugo Workshop

Hugo workshop with Jogi Hofmüller in cooperation with FOX medialab | pay as you wish
Thu 22 06 2017 18:00 | FOX medialab, Halbgasse 7 1070 Wien | registration office(at)ima(dot)or(dot)at

Hugo – state of the art static website engine

For starters we will have a look at the basic differences between
static website generators and content management systems. Next we will
approach hugo in a practical manner *) by taking a step by step look at
the software’s core functionality. Finally we will take a look at web
interfaces for hugo and the future of the project.

*) The practical part is supposed to be hands on. It is recommended
to install the software on your laptop prior to the workshop: hugo


A cooperation with LIMA (Amsterdam) und der Medienwerkstatt Wien

Network Meeting 07 02 2017 | LIMA Amsterdam
Symposium Future Proof ?! 08/09 02 2017 | Stedelijk Museum Shiedam

Symposium 18 12 2017 | Medienwerkstatt Wien
Exhibition 12 01 2018 – 29 01 2018 | Medienwerkstatt Wien | curators: Gerda Lampalzer und Elisabeth Schimana

Unfold_750Re-interpretation as a radical stragety to preserve and mediate timebased media art.

The project was initiated by LIMA and further developed during several interdisciplinary network meetings in 2016. The fundamental question is how do we catapult ephemeral analogue/digital art into the next millennium?

Media are in danger of extinction. Data can no longer be sorted out and our culture is drowning in digital Nirvana. In addition to the permanent migration of data and the preservation and maintenance of obsolescent hardware, one highly promising strategy is reinterpretation, or simply interpretation, which has been a common practice in music for ages.

What does this mean in the museum context, in matters pertaining to preservation? And in the case of reinterpretation when do we speak of a new work? These and other questions will be pursued in future interdisciplinary network meetings and implemented and analyzed in practice by commissioning artists to interpret media artworks.

Mediation by reinterpretation

Max Brand Exhibition 2016/17 Vienna

The composer Max Brand

Max Brand © Walter Szmolyan

Max Brand © Walter Szmolyan

Program, Guided tours
Visions, breaks and the insatiable desire
for the electronic opera.

Exhibition on the occasion of 50 years Max-Brand-Synthesizer
Cooperation with Wienbibliothek im Rathaus

FR 20 05 2016 to FR 24 02 2017 | Wienbibliothek im Rathaus
Musiksammlung (Adolf-Loos-Rooms) Bartensteingasse 9
Opening: THU 19 05 2016 19:00
Opening hours: Mo – Fr | 9:00 – 13:00
guided tours by arrangement

Concept of the exhibition: Elisabeth Schimana and
Peter Donhauser in collaboration with
Thomas Aigner (Wienbibliothek im Rathaus)
Lender: Wienbibliothek im Rathaus, Max Brand Archiv
Circuit diagrams, correspondence, scores, fotomaterials, audiotapes deliver insight into the life and work of Max Brand.