Symposium Entfalten

18 12 2017 Medienwerkstatt Wien 11:00 – 19:00
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Gaby Wijers
Strategic importance of re-interpretation for media art Mediation and Conservation

NFOLD: mediation by reinterpretation, is a research project and collaborative, international, interdisciplinary network examining re-interpretation as emerging practice for artistic production, presentation and preservation of media artworks.

Alexandra Schantl
„Reset“ versus „Remake“

I shall discuss the work of museums and curators using specific examples of time-based media art from the State of Lower Austria’s art collection. Particular attention will be given to challenges resulting from the collection’s diverse holdings, such as that of funding. I shall also address various aspects of conservation-restoration.

Claudia Roeck

This presentation deals with the preservation of a computer-based artwork. I investigated preservation strategies that allow for work re-interpretation only in a relatively narrow frame. Nevertheless, questions arise about the core of the work, especially when taking a long-term perspective.

Marlies Surtmann
Archive in Motion. Performance Art and its Continuation

Performance art works with the presence of bodies, should this art form not be preserved and passed on through the body as well? Does it need the physical transfer of knowledge in addition to the media transfers? The transmission of a past event into the present and the future always remains fragmentary. Can re-interpretation serve as a concept for archiving in order to give the possibility of critical examination of the original? This input will give insight into considerations and attempts around the archive in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.

Thomas Gorbach

Veronika Liebl

Ars Electronica has one of the world’s most comprehensive archives on digital media art over the past 38 years. It includes an archive of documentaries on the Ars Electronica Festival since 1979, the Prix Ars Electronica Archive with entries submitted by the artists, as well as documentaries on projects of the Ars Electronica Futurelab and on exhibitions of the Ars Electronica Center and Export. Part of the entire archive stock has already been processed, digitized and entered into the online archive.
Claudia Slanar

Franziska Butze-Rios

For the past 35 years, State Collections of Lower Austria has been acquiring media art and now owns more than 300 videos and films, video sculptures and installations. While media carriers started of being magnetic, such as U-Matic and VHS cassettes, they soon were replaced by optical media such as CDs and DVDs. In recent years, most acquisitions have been in the format of electronic (data) carriers. As a result of rapidly changing technology and the rapid degradation of materials, media art is extremely time-sensitive. Due to increasing urgency and the steady growth of the collection, a preservation project was carried out in 2014-2016, which laid the groundwork for ongoing development of the conservation of the media art collection. The steps taken and the challenges for the conservation department are described in the presentation.

Axel Stockburger | “translation / read my lips”

Seppo Gründler | WHITEOUT
Elisabeth Schimana

Gerda Lampalzer

Richard Kriesche