Sirenen, intim | Lucas Cejpek (A)

Dauer: 12:34 is a radio piece based on the working process of the radio play production Sirenen by the same author. During the studio recording for Sirenen in June this year, Lucas Cejpek, author and director of the radio play, set up additional microphones in the studio and recorded the actors and technicians chatting, laughing, […]

Intimate Spaces in 5.1

Curated by Elisabeth Zimmermann | ORF Kunstradio – Radiokunst The point of departure for this series is the 5.1 radio art piece Intimate Space that was created by Andrea Sodomka in 2009 and which explores the themes of distance, communication, and intimacy on a poetic level. Broadcasting in 5.1 surround sound – not only pre-produced, […]