Heidi Grundmann

Heidi Grundmann (1938) grew up in Innsbruck/A and studied psychology in Innsbruck and Vienna. In 1962 she was offered a job as a full time announcer in the regional studio of the ORF, the Austrian National Radio in Innsbruck and accepted it. After a short interlude at the German Service of the BBC (1967 – […]

portrait #03 Heidi Grundmann

A portrait by Roberto Paci Dalò [2007] IMAfiction #03 07 Heidi Grundmann from IMA on Vimeo. direction, camera. music: Roberto Paci Dalò | film editing: Davide Montecchi | sound recording: Elisabeth Zimmermann | assistant director: Yue Lu | shot in Vienna, Vancouver, Hornby Island (British Columbia) | postproduction: Velvet Factory and Giardini Pensili (Rimini) | […]