Rudolf Pfenninger

Rudolf Pfenninger (1899–1976) set designer, draftsman, sound engineer, and animated filmmaker. In 1918 Pfenninger began experimenting with film, from 1921 on, he worked as a cartoon animator. Particularly his attempts to make sound frequency visible on film made him famous. Pfenninger attempted to transfer tone directly to an optical track even before the Scot McLaren […]

Tönende Ornamente

Oskar Fischinger Based on his research for “Tönende Ornamente” (Sounding Ornaments) (1932) Oskar Fischinger assumed that there are subconscious connections between culturally disseminated ornaments and their sounds when recorded on optical soundtracks. By drawing the optical soundtrack for “Sounding Ornaments” by hand, Fischinger attempted to prove that there is an aesthetic correspondence between visual and […]