portrait #10 Elisabeth Schimana

A portrait by Seppo Gründler & Johanna Moder [2018] Interview & camera: Seppo Gründler & Johanna Moder Filmed in: studio Elisabeth Schimana, studio FH Joanneum | Film & sound editing: Seppo Gründler Technical assistance: Chistoph Neuhold Music: Elisabeth Schimana | Subtitles translation: Kimi Lum | Graphic design: Nora Bischof | DVD authoring: CSM Production | […]

Media Archaeology and Retroutopianism

“I’ll throw the damned rearview mirror out of the damned window because I don’t want to know where I’ve come from, but where I’m going.”1 – Frank Lloyd Wright The American architect is said to have been driving when he made the above remark in the nineteen-thirties, and to have snapped off and tossed out […]