Art’s Birthday 2014

Max Btand Synthesizer | © Elena Tikhonova

Max Btand Synthesizer | © Elena Tikhonova

FR 17 01 2014 | IMA SOUNDgalerie
the 1,000,051st Anniversary of Art!
on site and on line from 18:00 open end
on air 21:40 to 22:00 (20:40 – 21:00 GMT)


IMA Institute of Media Archeology will celebrate in memoriam of Max Brand who left behind a wonderful machine, the Max Brand Synthesizer.

We will fire the machine and funnel it into the global birthday party for the arts!
With Norbert Math, Pia Palme, Elisabeth Schimana, Michael Zacherl a.o.
Special guests: MOOZAK (Benedikt Guschlbauer, Clemens Hausch, Gerald Krist, Uli Kühn)

Michael Zacherl: erbteieloomen 0.1 | piece for computer augmented historic modular synthesiser, version 0.1
Moozak: Schaltkreis

Pia Palme: Gefiedert – Hommage an M. B.

Norbert Math: Instability

Elisabeth Schimana: Birthday Blend

from archive: Max Brand, Ryoko Akama, Moozak, Elisabeth Schimana, Felix Kubin u.a.

Art’s Birthday Galerie

Art’s Birthday was supported by SKE, bm:ukk and AKM