Exhibition entfaltet

12 01 2018 – 29 01 2018
Medienwerkstatt Wien | curators: Gerda Lampalzer und Elisabeth Schimana

Opening 12 01 2018 19:00 Photo Gallery
Exhibition Fr | Sa | Mo 14:00-18:00

The exhibition entfaltet deals with questions about reinterpretation and notation as strategies to preserve and mediate timebased media art.

What does this mean in the museum context, in matters pertaining to preservation?
And in the case of reinterpretation when do we speak of a new work?
Which information a score should contain
and how should this information be displayed?

These and other questions were discussed and analysed at the symposium entfalten in December 2017.

The artworks, commissioned by IMA Institute of Media Archeology, shown in the exhibition entfalten – Axel Stockburgers reinterpretation Read my Lips of Gerda Lampalzers Translation from 2003 and Seppo Gründlers reinterpretation Whiteout of Richard Kriesches Blackout from 1974, as well as the score of the interactive sculpture You Never Know by Hillevi Munthe and Elisabeth Schimana, generated in a four day worklab by the artists in collaboration with the preservation expert Claudia Röck – are possible answers to these questions. In opposite the exhibition shows documentations of the reenterpretated works Translation and Blackout, as well as the sculpture You Never Know.

Axel Stockburger | Read my Lips (2018)
Reinterpretation of Gerda Lampalzer | Translation (2003)

Seppo Gründler | Whiteout
Reinterpretation of Richard Kriesche | Blackout (1974)

Elisabeth Schimana, Hillevi Munthe, Claudia Röck
You Never Know notated (2017)

Hillevi Munthe, Elisabeth Schimana
You Never Know (2012-2015)