Joe Patitucci (Data Garden)

Joe Patitucci is a digital native, artist, healer and entrepreneur fostering connection to the natural world through installation art, guided meditation, biofeedback apps and augmented reality. Through media generated by bio-responsive systems he invites humans to broaden their experience of mental, physical and digital space while building community. As founder of DataGarden, Patitucci produces public art and products that allow unseen activities of living organisms to be experienced as music.

His company’s latest release, PlantWave, enables to listen to biorhythms of plants as relaxing ambient music. His team is working to build a future where humans will have a real-time soundtrack to their lives generated from wearable data that is responsive to mood, tailored to taste and optimized for any activity.

PlantWave is showcased as online lecture and artist talk at SONAR PARK - Entanglements in 2021.

Joe’s work with plants can be streamed live from his studio 24/7 via Data Garden’s online radio station, PlantsFM and through the PlantWave app for iOS.