Marry Ellen Bute

Light Form Movement Sound

a research by Seppo Gruendler and Cordula Boesze completed by Sandra Naumann

bute_paintingThe Absolute Film is not a new subject. lt is concerned with an art which has had as logical a development as other arts, perhaps slowly but naturally.

This art is the interrelation of light, form, movement, and sound-combined and projected to stimulate an aesthetic idea.


machine divas

Art Engineers vs. Machine Divas

virtueller-salonAn ongoing Research and Networking Project by Andrea Sodomka and Eva Ursprung

In May 2007, Andrea Sodomka and Eva Ursprung started their investigation on „Machine Divas“ – woman artists using technology for their work in nowadays expanded „theater space“. The first results were presented at the IMA Salon #7 07 at ars electronica and put forward for discussion on a panel with Inke Arns, Kathy Rae Huffman and Eva Wohlgemuth.

This panel has been starting point and inspiration for further lines of ideas and activities. Ideas and intentions include the creation of a pool of information on woman artists using technology for their work in an expanded concept of „theater“, as well as a prospective exhibition.
A reflection on the term „Machine Diva“ draws questions on self-definition and the possibility of something like a shared identity.