Christian Stefaner-Schmid (A)

© Christian Stefaner-Schmid

© Christian Stefaner-Schmid

The CON-MACHINE is a pondering existence, a Calculus-Machine, caught in its thoughts and patterns. Again and again the machine has to interpret and derive new Data from (binary)Data. Derivations complete the Database and are found at the next iteration (run), are combined with other entries and again stored into the Database. So the Machine repeatedly detects entries, interpretations and combinations, which in succession are transcribed into primitive Images.

Perception <-> Permutation <-> Remembrance

In order to provide this consideration content, we consider a man who is lost in thought, or in a contemplative state. The internal processes and images are not visible to outsiders. The CON-MACHINE – the contemplative machine – behaves similarly. So we consider a machine which is visible though but does nothing visible, although we know that it is doing something. A closed (in itself) system. Accompanied by a talk, images and diagrams, the function of the machine as well as philosophical and psychological derivatives are explained.