Questions concerning not only current and future reproduction technologies but also the age-old Homunculus idea are the point of departure for the works shown here. How will new technologies inscribe themselves in our reproduction?


© Reinhard Mayr

fr 8.3. 19:00h
exhibition in cooperation with the MUVS
(Museum of Contraception and Abortion)
opening: Elisabeth Parzer
opening hours 12. 3. – 11. 4. di, mi, do 15h – 19h

We have invited the MUVS (Museum of Contraception and Abortion) to display a selection of information panels and objects at the Wahlbüro XX tèchne 6.0. The MUVS was founded in 2003 by the gynecologist Christian Fiala and is the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the topics of contraception, pregnancy tests and abortion.


© Maria Frodl

© Maria Frodl

fr 8.3. 20:00h
The Womb Manifesto
music performance by Pia Palme

A performative ritual for vocals, contrabass flute, and electronics intended to strengthen woman’s freedom of choice and decision-making power.





© Susanne Riegler

fr 8.3. 20:30h
Der lange Arm der Kaiserin
a film by Susanne Riegler

For almost two hundred years, women were forced by law to give birth (in Austria the ban on abortion goes back to Maria Theresia). Abortion was strictly prohibited, and in times of war so was contraception. In her documentary, Susanne Riegler interviews people who lived during this time and who directly experienced this cynical legal system designed to control reproduction.

Wahlbüro XX tèchne 6.0 | Linzerstraße 17 | St. Pölten