Hidden Alliances Programm Lentos

Wed 05 09 2018
5:00 pm Exhibition Opening
with a live tape performance by Beatriz Ferreyra





Thu 06 09 2018
12:00 am
Sound Brunch Beatriz Ferreyra
Acousmatic concert with works from L’autre rive (2007), Canto del loco (1974) with Médisances (1968)
interpreted by Beatriz Ferreyra
Film screening Homo Sapiens 1971/74 by Gioia Fiorella Mariani with music by Beatriz Ferreyra

5:00 pm Listening Session Andrea Sodomka
unschärfen – second art conference according to a concept of Andrea Sodomka & Doris Ingrisch
in cooperation with Ö1 Kunstradio und IKM
with Reinhold A. Bertlmann, Doris Ingrisch, Norbert Math, Andrii Pavlov, Elisabeth Schimana,
Andrea Sodomka, Florian Tanzer, Rebekah Wilson aka Netotschka Nezvanova

Fri 07 09 2018
12:00 am
Sound Brunch Heidi Grundmann
Concert with the Ö1 Kunstradio productions Intimate Space (2009) by Andrea Sodomka and
Long Night Talks. For Robert Adrian.
by Roberto Paci Dalò

Sat 08 09 2018
12:00 am
Sound Brunch Eliane Radigue and Elisabeth Schimana
Concert with the works Occam XVIII (2014) by Eliane Radigue for solo double bass flute (Pia Palme) and
Virus #1.6
(2017) for solo violine and live electronic by Elisabeth Schimana (Andrii Pavlov and Elisabeth Schimana)
Premiere of IMAfiction portrait #10 Elisabeth Schimana presented by Seppo Gründler

5:00 pm Reading and Listening Session Liesl Ujvary and Maryanne Amacher
Reading with Liesl Ujvary Erste Sätze – Letzte Sätze
Listening session Did you hear the melodies? Christian Scheib remembers Maryanne Amacher and
presents her work A Step Into It, Imagine 1001 Years – Entering Ancient Rooms (1995)

Sun 09 09 2018
12:00 am Sound Brunch Eliane Radigue and Anne La Berge
Acousmatic concert with the work Jetsun Mila (1987) by Eliane Radigue interpreted by Emmanuel Holterbach
Live Performance with Anne La Berge Utter (2016) for solo flute, 6 I-Pads and video

Mon 10 09 2018
12:30 pm
Sound Brunch Rebekah Wilson
Concert with the work Here Not Here (2018) by Rebekah Wilson for two pianos (Rebekah Wilson,
Francesca Emms), video and internet