Hidden Alliances_versteckt verbunden

A book about 20 outstanding female artists in the electronic music/art field


„The IMAfiction DVD series and Hidden Alliances publication constitute something of a milestone in the male-dominated genre of electronic music. More than just a much-needed record of the ground-breaking work of pioneering and contemporary artists and curators and the invisible relationships that bind them together, they map the broader connections, whether artistic, technological or conceptual between these women and the genre of electronic music as a whole.“ (Rahma Khazam)

In the book entitled “Hidden Alliances – versteckt verbunden” 20 female artists tell quite a different story and together they weave a fascinating network of interrelationships.
Editor: Elisabeth Schimana, IMA Institut für Medienarchäologie in cooperation with ARS Electronica | Publishing house: Hatje Cantz | Format: 170 x 240, hard cover, 198 pages, 109 illustrations | Language: German, English | Authors: Francois Bonnet, Martin Breindl, Hank Bull, Heinrich Deisl, Andreas Fellinger, Lona Gaikis, Doris Ingrisch, Christine Kakaire, Rahma Khazam, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Milena Meller, Helga de la Motte-Haber, Sabine Sanio, Hemma Schmutz, Elisabeth Schimana, Anna Soucek, Gerfried Stocker, Elisabeth Zimmermann.


In 2018, the exhibition entitled “Hidden Alliances – Elisabeth Schimana and the IMAfiction series” held at ARS Electronica presented video portraits, artifacts, and performances by Liesl Ujvary (AT), Rebekah Wilson aka Netotschka Nezvanova (NZ), Heidi Grundmann (AT), Eliane Radigue (FR), Andrea Sodomka (AT), Maryanne Amacher (US), Anne La Berge (NL), Electric Indigo (AT), Beatriz Ferreyra (AR, FR), and Elisabeth Schimana (AT).






The feedback was tremendous, and the idea to make a book based on the exhibition was born. To expand the network, all ten IMAfiction artists were asked to recommend another female artist in the electronic music/art field to be presented in the book.

Liesl Ujvary (AT) – Brigitta Bödenauer (AT) | Rebekah Wilson (NZ) – Darsha Hewitt (CAN/DE) | Heidi Grundmann (AT) – Hildegard Westerkamp (CAN) | Eliane Radigue (FR) – Michèle Bokanowski (FR) | Andrea Sodomka (AT) – Anna Friz (CAN) | Maryanne Amacher (US) – Helga de la Motte (DE) | Anne La Berge (US/NL) – Carla Scaletti (US) | Electric Indigo (AT) – Moor Mother aka Camae Ayewa (US) | Beatriz Ferreyra (FR) – Elsa Justel (ARG) | Elisabeth Schimana (AT) – Cat Hope (AUS)

2005 was the year in which Andrea Sodomka and Elisabeth Schimana jointly established the IMA Institute of Media Archeology. For IMA, there is a clearly positive interrelationship between technology and art by women. Whether this art is now produced by means of processing via devices or programming computers is beside the point. The primary consideration is an active process of coming to terms with technological developments.

IMAfiction is the Institute’s portrait series dedicated to women who create electronic art with a focus on sound.

In this DVD series of five Austrian and five international artists most of the artists chose whom they wanted to be portrayed by. The results are homages that are aesthetically diverse, intimate, and refreshingly free from any conventional film format constraints.