Hidden Alliances_versteckt verbunden presentations 2020

16 January | Kunsthochschule Köln
Lecture: Elisabeth Schimana

Heart of Noise Festival | Innsbruck
Videoinstallation with the IMAfiction portraits during the whole festival
02 October 13:00 Book presentation with Lona Gaikis
Panel discussion about female artists in electronic music and festival programing with Chris Koubek, Milena Meller, Elisabeth Schimana and Shilla Strelka.
Moderation: Lona Gaikis
03 October 21:00 Concert Elisabeth SchimanaInto the Sun

12 October City of Women Festival | Ljubljana
Book presentation with Lona Gaikis
Concert with Elisabeth SchimanaInto the Sun

esc medien kunst labor | Graz
The presentation will take place inside the exhibition Cyborg Synthesis as part of Steirischer Herbst on two different dates:
15 October 18:00 Book presentation with Lona Gaikis, Susanne Kogler and Elisabeth Schimana
Concert with Brigitta Bödenauer
13 November 18:00 screening IMAfiction presented by Reni Hofmüller





Hidden Alliances_versteckt verbunden

20 female artists in electronic art/music tell quite a different story and together they weave a fascinating network of interrelationships

„The IMAfiction DVD series and Hidden Alliances publication constitute something of a milestone in the male-dominated genre of electronic music. More than just a much-needed record of the ground-breaking work of pioneering and contemporary artists and curators and the invisible relationships that bind them together, they map the broader connections, whether artistic, technological or conceptual between these women and the genre of electronic music as a whole.“ (Rahma Khazam)

This publication is a coproduction of IMA Institute of Media Archeology and Ars Electronica and is the direct result of the exhibition Hidden Alliances | Elisabeth Schimana and the IMAfiction Series | Ars Electronica Festival 2018 | Featured Artist at the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, September 5–30, 2018