IMA.15 Der Ball

29 05 2020 8pm | Stadtsaal St. Pölten
A revue on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the IMA Institute for Media Archeology






IMA was founded in February 2005 and looks back on 15 years of artistic creation on the occasion of this anniversary.

15 live acts, one for each year, and a special midnight insert accompany our guests through the night.

The order for the live acts goes to those artists and theoreticians who have provided essential input on IMA projects such as the sound machines and knowledge machines, the IMAfiction series, the machine divas or the intimate rooms.

Musicians: Ferreyra Beatriz , Brigitta Bodenauer , Cordula Bösze , Klaus Filip , Günther Gessert , Seppo Gründler , Clemens Hausch , Katharina Klement , Gregor Ladenhauf, Anne La Berge , Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka , Norbert Math , noid, Pia Palme , Caroline Profanter , Andrea Sodomka , Andrey Smirnov , Anne Wellmer , Tamara Wilhelm , Manon Liu Winter and Rebekah Wilson
Peter Donhauser , Sabine Sanio , Helmut Schwarzjirg  and Bettina Wackernagl
Midnight insert: Lonesome Hot Dudes (Lena Gasser , Lina Gärtner , Reni Hofmüller , Isabella Hollauf , Eva Ursprung )
Special guest: Patricia Burgess
DJ: Andreas Fränzl