I’ll Paint Your Problem

Martin Breindl (A)

© Martin Breindl

© Sabine Maier

Visitors can let Martin Breindl visualize their problems. In a 40-minute discussion without an audience and in the private surroundings of the hotel room the visitor is encouraged to talk about anything that poses a problem, moves or irks him or her. During the conversation the artist will turn this into a drawing.

Martin Breindl’s project “Ich male Ihr Problem” first took place in 2010 in the Galerie Splitter Art in Vienna. In 2011 he was invited by Hasena in Schiers, Grissons, to serve as the “community painter” and visualize the concerns of the local population. Now the project will be conducted in the most intimate setting to date: two people communicating about personal things in the anonymity of a hotel room.

No solutions to problems will be offered here. The point of departure of this project is not therapy through art but art that might arise from a “therapeutic” situation. The drawings produced in this context will immediately become the possession of the person who confided his or her concerns.