Room Sketch: Chess, intimate set

Patrick K.-H. (RU)

© Ukio Kido

© Ukio Kido

“What is going on, when I’m on my own?”
This is the main question Patrick K.-H. asks himself while he is producing artworks, thinking or simply resting. He seems to create a metaphorical second person of his own to exchange information, instead of having a dialog with others. He dives into an ongoing dialog with his second Ego while he is deeply involved in creating visuals or sound or playing games.

And the most intriguing – how does it work to learn something unpredictable by dealing with a creature of himself? These questions he will map in the piece playing chess with himself.

Room Sketch: Chess is an interactive environment for structuring sonic and visual material by playing chess in real time. Its an ongoing project by Patrick K.-H. and Oleg Makarov, appearing in different sets.