TRANSform, TRANSmit, TRANScend //

One Man Nation // Tarta Chia (SGP/E)

© Tara Chia

© Tara Chia

This is a life/art piece where One Man Nation will put into practice again the blurring of lines between what is life and what is art, he will try to deconstruct One Man Nation, an alter ego that he has created in 2003 and has since been using for all his artistic practices. Where does One Man Nation end and Marc Chia begins, or when does One Man Nation start becoming One Man Nation? On stage only? When he arrives at the venue? Which of them goes to sleep at night? Who is writing this application? And in the end, does it really matter?

Transcendence has been one of the main themes in his performances as One Man Nation. He strives towards this point of cathartic release through performance where sometimes he reaches some form of a disappearance, a sort of dissolution of the self. In the performance at the hotel Altes Kloster he asks himself how to deconstruct One Man Nation, this alter ego which has become HE, or HE has become (S)He.

“Do we create a new ego / alter-ego in trying to get rid of the old one?“

One Man Nation