I. Papa, short version | Birgit Kempker (DE)

Dauer: 14:23

© Birgit Kempker

© Birgit Kempker

The daughter’s ransom through her father (as life-long undertaking) doesn’t end.
The daughter’s ransom through her father for free.
The daughter’s ransom through her father can’t be achieved.
The daughter’s ransom through her father is a wish, it has a high price.

Bounty and captivity. Transpersonal bounty, transportable captivity.
Without a car and its radio this story wouldn’t exist.

When I answer somebody (biblical: love), I ransom that person.
I ransom him or her to even exist.
I ransom him or her from him/herself.
Into a perceiving: Yes, I can hear you, it’s you, you exist. Etc.

This is also a (multi-lingual – for who knows in which language this father is speaking, the chances of this increasing when crossing borders) attempt of finding a father, a necessary attempt (hardship is great, the fingers are to be chopped off) of inventing one.
SELF FIGMENT. FIGMENT as an answer to being a foundling. Plumage.

Moses in the basket. I believe that invention / figment doesn’t work without a HE. A he in me, somebody else. My dad.

ORF Kunstradio – Radiokunst
Text + Voice: Birgit Kempker
Sound engineers: Franz Ahamner, Christian Sodl, Karl Petermichl
First broadcast on Ö1 Kunstradio: Sunday, 27. November 2005

© Birgit Kempker

© Birgit Kempker

Birgit Kempker
born 1956 in Wuppertal, lives in Basel, teaches there at the HDK and elsewhere in the fields: Word Image Sound.
Prose, essay, sound pieces, theatre, installations, performance, writings for the art, exhibitions, lectures. Lecturer for Word and Image at the Academy of Design HGK in Basel and from 1990 institution and supervision of the subject language/literature at the F+F, Art School Zurich.