Magic Sound Machines Art´s Birthday

16 01 2009 – 17 01 2009

festive clothing recommended


in cooperation with the ORF Kunstradio, with Experimental Studio of Slovensky Rozhlas and with Tilos Radio Budapest

Celebrating Art‘s Birthday is a traditi- on started by French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou who declared, on January 17th 1963, that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago: „A man took a dry sponge and dropped it into a bucket full of water. Who that man was is not important. He is dead but art is alive.“

Filliou‘s wonderfully absurd idea has inspired many artists until today. Throughout the last decades artists continued organising annual celebra- tions in the spirit of Filliou‘s „Eternal Network“ or „La Fête permanente“. In 2009 people all over the world will again be preparing numerous networ- ked birthday parties for art.


16 01 09 20:00 – 24:00   Photo Gallery

The concert can be listened to via the EBU Ravel satellite (live 8.05-8.40pm CET, 7.05-7.40pm GMT), on Radio Devín (8-9pm CET), on ORF’s Radio Ö1 (live 11.05-12pm CET) as well as on (live 8-12pm CET).

Minipics (c) Michael Moritz 09

Eva Ursprung – Polyvox
Katharina Klement – Neo Bechstein Flügel
Cordula Bösze – Theremin
Ushi Reiter – Edison Phonograph
Reni Hofmüller – Mockingboard
Special Guests: Seppo Gründler – Hönig Synthesizer
Markus Decker – Grammophone
concept: Elisabeth Schimana

save and sound variations on 7 themes

7 pieces of music recorded on wax cylinder or shellac disk are set to be interpreted and played in variations by the IMA Orchestra of Sound Machines.Aerial soundscapes: From the subtle sound of an Edison Phonograph to Arctic whirls of a Polyvox, ethereous waves of a Theremin to digital fighter game sounds of a Mocking Board, from eter- nal envelopes of a Hönig-Synthesizer to the gyrations of gramophones and accompanied by neo-Bechstein Karaoke.


Ján AnÐic, Fedor Bohdan, Juraj Ðuriš, Givan Bell, Karol Horvath, Laco Kerata, Roman LašÐiak, Robert Rudolf, Vladimír Slaninka, Katarina Smiková

Méta-Mallette / Meta-Instrument

Méta-Mal- lette is Meta-Instrument controlled by the hands of the player or ensem- bles, which groups the players manipulating a joystick. This configuration is often used for pedagogical purposes, but not only. Based on sample manipulation this “game” is perfectly able to seduce a professional musi- cian. Intuitive sound transformation could be also accompanied by its video representation, changing the Meta-Mallet into a charming multi media instrument that we play with great pleasure.Puce Muse exists already about two decades. All this period was dedicated to musical research, electronic instrument developpment, concert organisation and musical pedagogy. Puce-Muse founder, Serge de Laubier, is a French composer, sound engineer and musician studied at Conservatory of Paris and at National School Louis Lumière.


Zsolt Sörés & Pál Tóth

OP. 90117

The composition characterised by forma- tion strategy and immediate transitions; the use of unstable acoustic systems and continuous sound layers, unique electronic instruments (circuit bent toys, crackle box, Korg DS-10 etc.) which can develop towards a sound economy, very similar to minimalism’s compositional solutions such as micro-structural and sound reduction space arrangement, respec- tively a situationist détournement space arrangement (often preferring terrain records and environmental noises). In their piece is characterised by the dramaturgy of the situation of intensive concentration and reaction times (slower and quicker processes) because of a sense of suspension, where sounds are looped for a longer or shorter time, recycled and chan- ged only slightly. Comprising an improvised method of editing, it confronts the listener with an evolving sense of time and duration that transcend questions of musical to focus int he idea of shape, int he potentialities of a sound representation as stream of consciousness.

17 01 09 20:00 – 24:00   Photo Gallery

Everyone is welcome not only to come to Kulturfabrik Hainburg, but also to bring and present sound gifts dedica- ted to Art. This means: if you would like to perform, either let us know in advance or –for spontaneous congratulations– just turn up and join in! We especially encourage using the opportunity to listen into other parties worldwide via web streams, to mix them and thus approach Filliou’s original vision of the Eternal Network.

Referring to the concepts of flux and spontaneity of art movements such as Dada and Fluxus, we regard this evening as an experiment. The open mic character of this event means that the schedule will be rather loose on and a master of ceremony will lead through the evening, allowing for unpredictable situations and surprise performers to merge into the pro- gram.

In it’s 1.000,0046th year of being, Art needs you more than ever…!

MC Hubsi Kramar

live mixes of incoming audio streams Astrid Schwarz
live mixes of incoming video streams Elena Tikhonova

presents by
Dorit Chrysler, Klaus Filip, Die Fuchteln, Andrew Garton, Bernhard Fleischmann, Volkmar Klien, Matthias Mackowsky, Pia Palme, Bruno Pisek and many more.

Tilos Radio anhören Tilos Radio
ORF Kunstradio – Sendung anhören ORF Kunstradio – Sendung

Information to other Art‘s Birthday events:

production team
ORF Kunstradio: Elisabeth Zimmermann, Anna Soucek, Johann Groiss
ORF Technik: Martin Leitner, Wolfgang Wesely, Robert Simlinger, Katharina Böhm, David Kübelböck
Experimental Studio Slovak Radio: Juraj Duriš, Roman Lašciak

presents by

Astrid Schwarz – live mix MP3
MOOZAK – Max Brand Synthesizer MP3
Pia Palme und Gina Mattiello – Sprechmaschine MP3
ÈN – live mix MP3
Seppo Gründler – Hönig Synthesizer MP3
Andrew Garton – live mix MP3
MOOZAK – Max Brand Synthesizer MP3
Reni Hofmüller – live mix MP3
Christian Wittmann – live mix MP3
Volkmar Klien – live mix MP3
Eva Ursprung – Polyvox MP3
Klaus Filip – Mixturtrautonium MP3
Gameboy – Orchester MP3
Matthias Makowsky – Ondes Martenot MP3
Die Fuchteln – Theremin MP3
Zsolt Sörés – Meltron MP3
Bernhard Fleischmann – Rhythmikon MP3
Gregor Ladenhauf – Akaphon MP3