Questions concerning not only current and future reproduction technologies but also the age-old Homunculus idea are the point of departure for the works shown here. How will new technologies inscribe themselves in our reproduction? fr 8.3. 19:00h Entscheidung exhibition in cooperation with the MUVS (Museum of Contraception and Abortion) opening: Elisabeth Parzer opening hours 12. […]

We Have A Choice

Opening 18 10 2018 6:00 pm Photo Gallery Office Hours: Di, Mi, Do 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm (except public holidays) Christmas Break: 24 12 2018 – 07 01 2019 Polling place open until 25 04 2019 Wahlbüro XX TÉCHNE 6.0 Linzerstrasse 17, St. Pölten Concept: Seppo Gründler, Elisabeth Schimana and Tamara Wilhelm Experts: Lenka […]