Optical Sound Program Drosendorf

Film Program 27 07 2017 20:30 | Strandbad Drosendorf Entry € 12.- incl. soup IMA in cooperation with filmclub Drosendorf Moderation: Cordula Bösze | curators: Elisabeth Schimana und Peter Szely    Photo Gallery Rudolf Pfenninger (D) Tönende Handschrift II: Pitsch und Patsch (1932) | 10:00 min | 35mm | digital copy DVD Serie Geschichte des Deutschen […]

The Art Of Reproduction Lectures

A wilde guide for a subversive motherhood lecture performance by María Llopis with music by Henry Holzwarth   Kinderbastelstube artificial reproduction and the game with life presentation by Andreas Rathmanner         Maternal instinct vs. Mother nature lecture by Sairica Rose