Breath and tongue coax the long air column of the contrabass recorder into vibration. Generously the air flows through the instrument, in and out. A low sound appears at first, later pulsing partials start to oscillate. As the instrument surrenders, fractal moments of articulation gather like beads on a string. Is there […]

Hidden Alliances Programm Lentos

Wed 05 09 2018 5:00 pm Exhibition Opening with a live tape performance by Beatriz Ferreyra         Thu 06 09 2018 12:00 am Sound Brunch Beatriz Ferreyra Acousmatic concert with works from L’autre rive (2007), Canto del loco (1974) with Médisances (1968) interpreted by Beatriz Ferreyra Film screening Homo Sapiens 1971/74 by […]