thur 21.3. 19:30h Kryostase Audiovisuelle Performance with Seppo Gründler, Elisabeth Schimana, Norbert Math, u.a. Absolute zero, flash freezing, and the hope of thawing and reanimation. Will future medicine and technology restore the health and youth of the deep-frozen person, or will their frozen bodies shatter like a rose dipped into liquid nitrogen or become mushy […]

Maternal instinct vs. Mother nature

thur 14.3. 20:00h Maternal instinct vs. Mother nature lecture by Sairica Rose You Live. Love. Work. Wait. But you can still have babies… right? IVF is a multi-billion-dollar factory of hope, where Willy Wonka wears a lab coat and the world’s top scientists develop cutting-edge techniques to (literally) freeze our biological clocks. From genetic editing […]