Program salon #5 07

resonating memory traces


theory / resonanceroom

virtueller salon #1 06
Seppo Gründler
Mary Ellen Bute / Lichtmusik – seeing sound
in cooperation with FH Joanneum

portrait #1 06
Lisl Ujvary
presented by Martin Breindl

portrait #2 06
Rebekah Wilson aka Netochka Nezvenova
presented by Elisabeth Schimana


talking without language
theremin und elektronic: Liesl Ujvary and Ann Cotton

A History of Mapmaking
or, areal photography and 31 varations on a cartographer’s theme
composition and performance: Rebekah Wilson

composition and electronic: Elisabeth Schimana
flute: Cordula Bösze
terpsiton: Elena Golovasheva
instrumentdesign: Andre Smirnov

turntabel Improvisations by Ushi Reiter and live visuals by starsky