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IMA.15 The Gala

The planned live event had to be canceled due to COVID-19. We will now record the 15 acts, one for each year, and post the performances in the form of a video book on our website.

We have commissioned IMA-related artists to compose and perform ten-minute dance music pieces. A challenge because it is not our community’s main sphere of activity!

Moderation: Elisabeth Schimana and Seppo Gründler

  • IMA.15 The Gala

    IMA was founded in February 2005 and looks back on 15 years of artistic creation on the occasion of this anniversary.

Cordula Bösze (AT) / Brigitta Bödenauer (AT) / Peter Donhauser (AT) / Klaus Filip (AT) / Lona Gaikis (CAN) / Günther Gessert (AT) / Seppo Gründler (AT) / Arnold Haberl (AT) / Reni Hofmüller (AT) / C. Hausch (AT) / Katharina Klement (AT) / Anne La Berge (US / NL) / Norbert Math (AT) / Pia Palme (AT) / Caroline Profanter (IT) / Ushi Reiter (AT) / Elisabeth Schimana (AT) / Andrea Sodomka (AT) / Eva Ursprung (AT) / Anne Wellmer (DE / NL) / Tamara Wilhelm (AT) / Elisabeth Zimmermann (AT)