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IMA.15 The Gala - The Video Book

We have commissioned IMA-related artists to compose and perform ten-minute dance music pieces. A challenge because it is not our community’s main sphere of activity!

The planned live gala in 2020 had to be canceled due to COVID-19. In consequence of this we recorded the 15 acts, one for each year, in November 2020 and together with archive material from 2005 to 2019 this recordings form the video book.

camera: Georg Eisnecker u. a. | sound recording: Christina Bauer u. a. | editing: Reinhard Mayr | sound mastering: Robert Eder | subtitles: Sophie Kidd

Moderation: Elisabeth Schimana and Seppo Gründler

  • IMA.15 The Gala - The Video Book

    IMA was founded in February 2005 and looks back on 15 years of artistic creation on the occasion of this anniversary.

2005 / Andrea Sodomka (AT) and Norbert Math (AT) / AKA Medley
2006 / Anne Wellmer (DE / NL) / Walzer - und sie dreht sich doch / guest: Elisabeth Zimmermann (AT)
2007 / Eva Ursprung (AT) and Reni Hofmüller (AT) / Tanzmusik für Daphnia magna
2008 / Andrey Smirnov (RU) / 15 against 16 / guest: Peter Donhauser (AT)
2009 / Pia Palme (AT) / Sensible Sarabande / guest: Elisabeth Zimmermann (AT)
2010 / Cordula Bösze (AT) and Günther Gessert (AT) / Ton Juan für Altflöte und Flamencoschuhe, Tanguito für Altflöte und Marxophon, IMA-Walzer für Theremin und Toypiano
2011 / Seppo Gründler (AT) / Vor zwei Wochen schien die Welt noch in Ordnung / guest: Lona Gaikis (CAN)
2012 / Caroline Profanter (IT) / Décalé
2013 / Katharina Klement (AT) / mind the step / guest: Peter Donhauser (AT)
2014 / C. Hausch (AT) / how much is the oyster

Brigitta Bödenauer (AT) / Klaus Filip (AT) / Arnold Haberl (AT) / Anne La Berge (US / NL) / Ushi Reiter (AT) / Elisabeth Schimana (AT) / Tamara Wilhelm (AT) /