IMAfiction Portrait #01 | Liesl Ujvary

A portrait by Martin Breindl [2006]

comes from a generation for which using computers is not a matter of course. Her approach is probably best described by Martin Breindl in his text “Bewegung in Möglichkeitsformen, über Liesl Ujvarys Musik” (Movements in Probability Shapes — about Liesl Ujvary’s music):

When producing music or images the author Liesl Ujvary plays controlled games, transforming her (sound- and image-) objects from one (possible) state into another (also possible) state. She can perform these transformations because she exclusively works at the virtual machine whose integral part she herself has become as a cyborg. Her achievement as a cyborg is that she understands and exploits the potentials of this human-machine fusion from the inside out (this does not necessarily mean that she has to fully understand the technology she uses, but rather that she is able to enter the potential fields offered by this technology). (Martin Breindl)


This is my body. Right now I am here. I have certain perceptions, ideas, emotions. Right now I am doing this and this. I cause and control my thoughts and actions. I talk about and reflect upon myself. I have a conscience. I am who I was yesterday (Liesl Ujvary)

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  • IMAfiction Portrait #01 | Liesl Ujvary
    shot at Botanischen Garten, Belvedere, Wien und Liesl Ujvary’s Studio

    camera: Magdalena Vetter
    film editing: Martin Breindl, Magdalena Vetter
    text, music, images: Liesl Ujvary
    format: 4:3
    language: German
    subtitles: English
    duration: 17:30 min
    bonus audio tracks: ghostengine, sprechen ohne sprache / alpha version remix / membrane als vermittler / 7 artefakte / heavy loops version / softworlds / sprache der gene / sex + tod + klangeffekte