IMAfiction Portrait #05 | Andrea Sodomka

A portrait by Gabriele Mathes [2010]

“What distinguishes Andrea Sodomka, to my mind, is her ability to reinvent ?herself time after time, setting out again and again, gauging her own boun-daries. Her oeuvre ranges from painting to radio art, from photography to sound installation, from making inner spaces audible up to filling large rooms with live electronic sound

Her open-minded notion of her own authorship is grounded in the tradition of working in artists’ networks. “Young artists today take for granted that the idea of authorship is eroding because they grew up with the internet”, says Andrea Sodomka. This form of communication and cooperation, which takes into account the internet, was practiced by the networking pioneers Andrea Sodomka and alien productions in their art projects as early as the mid-90s.

Her music and work cannot simply be pigeonholed under composer or visual artist. But there is a designation that aptly describes the artist Andrea Sodomka. The designation would be researcher, someone who seeks the new without compromise. For her boundaries – also those between genres – mean only one thing: the desire to cross them.
Gabriele Mathes (Translation *Brainstorm)

supported by niederösterreich kultur and bm:ukk

  • IMAfiction Portrait #05 | Andrea Sodomka
    filmed in Vienna

    concept & realisation: Gabriele Mathes
    interview: Doris Ingrisch
    camera: Jörg Burger, Gabriele Mathes
    film editing: Hermann Lewetz
    music: Andrea Sodomka
    sound mixing: Udo Somma
    film format: 4:3
    language: Deutsch
    subtitles: Englisch
    duration: 18 min
    bonus audio and video tracks: Intimate Space The poetry of transmission / Der Gedankenprojektor / Waveforms / Reflexion / Mediation on Violence / Frozen Moments – Unendliche Gegenwart