The Art Of Reproduction

Ausstellung, AV Installation, Filmscreening, Konzert, Performance,
Vortrag / Diskussion, Wahlurne.

An event as part of We Have A Choice.

Preface Elisabeth Schimana

At our Wahlbüro XX TÉCHNE 6.0 in St. Pölten, we examine the many facets of reproduction and its future from artistic, creative, and scientific perspectives, discuss the diverse questions posed by this issue, and in this way create a space for a discourse on the subject. During our office hours, we cordially invite you to join us in dealing with the subject of reproduction and gender. The highlight of the project is the interdisci-plinary festival The Art of Reproduction, which addresses the topics of choice, replica, transhuman, birthing and wild reproduction.

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    Beginn jeweils um 19:00

    07 03 2019 - 11 04 2019
    Wahlbüro XX TÉCHNE 6.0
    Linzerstrasse 17, St. Pölten

team: Nora Bischof / Andreas Rathmanner / Elisabeth Schimana / Mathias Schimana
press: Barbara Vanura
english translation: Kimi Lum
photos: osaka / Reinhard Mayr / Maria Frodl / Susanne Riegler / Rebekah Wilson / Norbert Math / Andreas Rathmanner / Inga Thorunn Waage / Maria Arlamovsky / google patents / Seppo Gründler / Alexey Pogarskiy / Didi Sattmann / Christian Herzog / María Llopis / Lenka Kocisova