The Art Of Reproduction - Grand Opening

A feminist projection guerilla tour

A feminist projection guerilla tour from St. Pölten main station to the election office XX tèchne 6.0 in Linzerstraße 17. We ask for your participation as sign bearer for our projections.

An event as part of We Have A Choice.


nobody has the choice part II

Spatial text intervention and multi-media live performance on the state of your world. The right to self-determination over the female body is used purposefully as an instrument of power in all patriarchal cultures. These inscriptions in and ascriptions to the female body, as well as the associated spaces of interpretation and meaning, are condensed into a live performance in which everyone can form their own picture.


  • 07 03 2019

    A feminist projection guerilla tour
    Meeting point at the main train station St. Pölten
    In cooperation with the Office for Diversity St. Pölten

    nobody has the choice part II

    Wahlbüro XX tèchne 6.0
    Linzerstraße 17, St. Pölten

concept, text, projection: starsky
choreography, dance: aiko
music: Elisabeth Schimana
sign bearers: the public