It is possible that we are headed toward a posthuman society in which the topic of reproduction will become irrelevant by reductio
ad absurdum since we are going to live forever anyway. Do we still need biological sexes?



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thur 21.3. 19:00h
Das Ende der Reproduktion
AV installation by Seppo Gründler
in cooperation with idk (Institute of Design and Communication), FH Joanneum
opening: Seppo Gründler
opening hours 26. 3. – 11. 4. 2019 tue, wed, thur 15h – 19h

The installation addresses aspects of transhumanism. From the optimistic prognoses of immortality to the ideal of complete control and the cancellation of differences and genders. Along with the transhuman image and sound material, the installation is based on the results of a survey conducted in St. Pölten. Passersby were asked whether we should reproduce in a test tube or purely electro-technically.





© Seppo Gründler

thur 21.3. 19:30h
Audiovisuelle Performance with Seppo Gründler, Elisabeth Schimana, Norbert Math, u.a.

Absolute zero, flash freezing, and the hope of thawing and reanimation. Will future medicine and technology restore the health and youth of the deep-frozen person, or will their frozen bodies shatter like a rose dipped into liquid nitrogen or become mushy like a frozen cucumber? In this performance, processes of freezing and thawing illustrate the absurdity and the beauty of cryonics.




© Alexey Pogarsk

thur 21.3. 20:00h
Musik aus dem Äther
Thereminperformance by Olesya Rostovskaya

Lev Theremin, inventor of the theremin, one of the first electronic instruments, was also intrigued by immortality. When Theremin learned that Lenin – to whom he had presented his instrument in 1921 – had been chopped up after death, his appalled reaction was: Why did you cut him up? I could have brought him back to life, but now that’s impossible!




Wahlbüro XX tèchne 6.0 | Linzerstraße 17 | St. Pölten