Dream Room 111

Ona B. (A)

© Ona B.

© Ona B.

I expect the visitors in room 111. They are part of my installation if they tell me their dreams.

Dream – collection, drawing, interpretation, work.

What is real, what is dream?
In my life as an artist, floating between the worlds of dream and the state of being awake is self-evident. Through dreams and the artistic expression, I take control over my life.

Understanding dreams.
The alphabet of dreams does not consist of letters, but of symbols. Throughout this work, when I process dreams through sketches and drawings, I let the thinking behind me and to put trust in the meditative attitude springing forth through my very intuition.

I collect dreams of others to build the content. I connect other people’s dreams to my work.
Till now my own dreams were the inspiration for film, painting, drawing, installation and music. (DREAM Künstlerhaus Wien 2006) In Hainburg are like in DREAM STORE for the Sinopale 5 – Biennale Sinop other people’s dreams the inspiration. In the market hall Hal Binasi my installation is in a market business point as a contact place for residents of Sinop and the visitors of the Biennale, who bring their dreams to my store, at Hotel Altes Kloster I expect the visitors in my room.

There are simple dreams but there are also very complicated ones. I am in the role of the observer, the confidante and I subject myself to the other´s dream in a way, so I could be influenced by them. The dreams I am receiving, I am treating as if it where a foreign scripts to be translated into a movie that is shot in my mind. The essence of the experience is an overlapping landscape of imagery in my mind, both influenced as well as coloured through my own experience. In the process of analysing another´s dream, I come about symbols to represent something else. Sometimes the result appears almost immediately and very clearly, almost like a logo. Sometimes however, I circle with my pen continuously over the empty page, floating back and forth, before I get entangled in a confused drawing. The contents are mostly very personal and greatly individual. To me the dream is the key to the soul, therefore, these records remain anonymous. From the lucid imagery of my own dreams and the dreams of my visitors, I dare to create a new dream network.