You Never Know notated

During a four-day artistic retreat Elisabeth Schimana and Hillevi Munthe will collaborate with with Claudia Röck, a conservator who specializes in software-based art, to develop a form of notation for the interactive sculpture You Never Know. Hard- and software will be examined closely and processes analyzed and transferred into a metalanguage intended to continue to endure 10,000 years from now.

„As I said, the fact, that you took the initiative to write a score for your artwork in contrast to a conservator documenting an artwork in a museum, gives the score/documentation a different significance.

You did a lot of research and trial and error for your artwork. I think, it is part of the artwork. Would you like somebody else to continue that research and within which scope? How much additional creativity would be allowed? For instance, I am assuming, that the metal frame and the textile should be preserved and only the electronic parts be replaced, if broken. I am also assuming, that the Arduinos could be replaced by DIY electronic boards of a different brand (but not a desktop or laptop computer). The music and muscle wire score you described on the righthandside of the poster has to be followed and cannot be changed. I am further assuming that the technology of the muscle wires is a significant property of your artwork and must not be replaced by a different technology. Although a lot of testing went into the power supplies, they are not a significant property of the artwork.

Another, more practical question is, whether – if an institution or a private person bought your artwork – they would be able to continue that research process in order to “preserve” or perpetuate your artwork (most museums would have difficulties, I presume, as they have different insititutional goals and as many of them are lacking the knowledge/skills).“
Claudia Röck, 25. Dezember 2017