Maschinendivas terms and approaches

Art Engineers vs. Machine Divas

A Retro-Utopian Investigation of Machine Theater
by Andrea Sodomka and Eva Ursprung

“Machine Divas” is what Virginia Eubanks – in an interview about the Survival Research Laboratories – calls the women working in this group.

Machina ex Diva oder: Wie kommt die Diva zur Maschine?

Eva Ursprung zur Suche nach “Maschinendivas”

Die Konstruktion von Frauen und Technik als Antagonismus sitzt tief, doch in einer zunehmend von Technik bestimmten Umgebung wird vor allem f

Electronic Brides, Machine Divas and Robotic Visionistas

by Kathy Rae Huffman

Electronic Brides,Machine Divas and Robotic Visionistas is a research into the artworks by women who have made significant contributions to the fields of Cybernetics, Robotics, and Kinetics.


by Eva Wohlgemuth

Media Archaeology and Retroutopianism

by Inke Arns

“I’ll throw the damned rearview mirror out of the damned window because I don’t want to know where I’ve come from, but where I’m going.

“Frank Lloyd Wright

Contemporary artistic projects are increasingly using a similar rearview mirror in order to focus on their own movement into the future by recording what lies behind.

Kurztext zur Bedeutung der Medienkunst und zur eigenen Arbeit