In this project we are trying to ask questions about the codes of our communication.

22 05 2017 – 23 07 2017 in cooperation with Diakonie St.Pölten and LAMES | project coordination: Elisabeth Schimana,
Angela Koch, Nora Bischof, Onno Ennoson
with: Hasan Al Abdallah, Deysem Dli, Yousef Abo Ghzal, Azad Muhamed, Aghela Qalandar, Sahra Rajabi, Raghad Soufi
Präsentation 19 07 2017 – 23 07 2017 | Parque del Sol Symposium for interdisciplinary art | LAMES, Spratzerner Kirchenweg 81 – 83, St. Pölten

What codes do we use?
Language? Sound? Font? Text? Body language? Dance? Digitized images? Photography / video? Craft? Woven or knotted carpets? Digital symbol culture? Pictograms?

How do the cultural differences in the use and handling of these codes manifest themselves?

© Nora Bischof

is the theme participants will focus on to develop their special codes, using various media as forms of expression.

IMAfocus Optical Sound

21 03 2017 – 31 03 2017 | Salon Izidor Kršnjavi (School of Applied Arts and Design) | Zagreb | PROGRAM
in cooperation with UBU (Organizam)

27 07 2017 20:30 | Strandbad Drosendorf | in cooperation with filmclub Drosendorf | moderation: Cordula Bösze | curators: Elisabeth Schimana and Peter Szely | PROGRAM

11 10 2017 – 13 10 2017 | Freiraum St. Pölten, FH St. Pölten | in cooperation with Freiraum and FH St. Pölten, UBU and Sintoment Zagreb | curator: Elisabeth Schimana | PROGRAM

Lichttonscheiben (Sonic Luz)
© noid

Light speaks, light makes music

With these words Emerich Spielmann presented the Superpiano on a program broadcast on the Vienna radio station RAVAG in 1929. In 1931 Leon Theremin developed the first optical sound rhythm machine (Rhythmicon) and in the early 30s the Russian composer Arseny Avraamov as well as the German filmmaker Oskar Fischinger began drawing sound waves on film.

In the late 50s Daphne Oram created Oramics, meanwhile in N.Y. at the same time the Austrian composer Max Brand developed an optical synthesizer, which was based on the same principle as Daphne Oram’s Oramic system.

In a series of exhibitions, workshops, talks, and concerts artists and researchers are invited to illuminate the principles of optical sound and to transfer them into the 21st century.

IMAfiction 2017

IMAfiction is the Institute’s portrait series dedicated to female media artists with a focus on sonic art. So far portraits of Liesl Ujvary, Rebekah Wilson aka Netotschka Nezvanova, Heidi Grundmann, Eliane Radigue, Andrea Sodomka, Maryanne Amacher, Anne La Berge, and Electric Indigo have been released.

Beatriz Ferreyra
© Reinhard Mayr

07 07 2017 – 10 07 2017 Presentation of portrait #08 Electric Indigo | #06 Maryanne Amacher | #04 Eliane Radigue in cooperation with the Heroines of Sound Festival, Radialsystem, Berlin

07 07 2017 18:00 Panel 1
Women in the electronic music scene: commitment, networking, the public

10 11 2017 Presentation of portrait #04 Eliane Radigue | #07 Anne La Berge | Splendor, Amsterdam | in cooperation with Splendor, Amsterdam

26 11 2017 16:00
Beatriz Ferreyra 80 | Concert and premiere of portrait #09 Beatriz Ferreyra in cooperation with Wien Modern and ACP (The Acousmatic Project), Kuppelsaal der TU Wien