Guided Tours & Workshops St. Pölten

Guided Tours Thursday 12 01 / 26 01 / 09 02 / 09 03 2023 5pm - 7pm
Minimum Participants: 5
Registration Deadline: till Sunday before the event

28 01 2023

Social media – but truly social!
Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch 2pm

Minimum Participants: 5
Registration Deadline: Sunday 22 01 2023

Social media have changed the web as much as our everyday lives and the way most of us consume media. Fediverse, however, shows that we can also do without algorithmically adapted timelines. The name is derived from “federated universe” and functions in a way similar to e-mail: No matter the server you use for your own account, you can talk to everyone else. There is an alternative for Twitter called Mastodon, one for Instagram called Pixelfed and one for Soundcloud by the name of Funkwhale; Fediverse offers blogs, a federating YouTube alternative called Peertube and a lot more. And you can follow them all with one single account. In our workshop we will present all of that and explain how the different federating platforms interact.

A Complete Giude to Remote Collaboration Using Free and Open Source Software
Rebekah Wilson (in english) 2pm

Minimum Participants: 5
Registration Deadline: Sunday 22 01 2023

The moment you connect with someone remotely using high-quality audio something so meaningful happens - you hear every detail of their voice, of the space they are in, of their instrument. It’s captivating. A profound experience arises when we share time and move in rhythm together. That’s the essence of music collaboration. All we need is access to the tech. Learn how to use free and/or open source remote audio technology so you can work with others regardless of distance and location.

11 02 2023

AK Niederösterreich 2pm

Minimum Participants: 9
Registration Deadline: Sunday 05 02 2023

In social media we are exposed to a sheer flood of information. Yet, it is often difficult to critically assess the consumed contents. There is the risk of liking, sharing or even believing problematic or false content without thinking. This workshop will illustrate both the dangers and the possible actions for dealing with the “new media” in a sensible and responsible way.

25 02 2023

AK Niederösterreich 2pm

Minimum Participants: 9
Registration Deadline: Sunday 19 02 2023

What exactly falls under freedom of expression and what is prohibited by law? In this workshop you will see that the Internet is neither a legal blackhole nor a zone free of morals. You will gain an insight into topics such as hate speech or (cyber-)mobbing and into the possible actions to be taken. Because turning a blind eye is not an option.

11 03 2023

Phone Security
Klaudia Zotzmann-Koch 2pm

Minimum Participants: 5
Registration Deadline: Sunday 05 03 2023

Our smart phone is our most intimate device. Everything we keep in our calendars, menstrual cycle app, social media apps, photo albums and messengers, perhaps even e-mail and phone history and more, represents an explicit reflection of our lives. It’s all the more creepy knowing that all this data is being read and used – in part fully intentionally against us – by various entities. In this workshop security and privacy experts will explain what we ourselves can do to make our devices more secure and to prevent our data from being read. Remember to bring your devices as we will examine the settings in detail.

03 12 2022

Investigating unsecured webcams
Caroline Buttet 2pm

There are an estimated 770 million surveillance cameras around the world. Some of them still have a default password and username, making them entirely accessible by anyone with an internet connection. In this workshop, participants will learn more about those unsecured feeds; how they are collected and why they are publicly accessible. In the spirit of the interactive piece Virtual Peephole, participants will be given the tools to explore unsecured camera feeds and curate a selection of videos of their choice. Based on this curation, participants will speculate and imagine how those selected feeds could be displayed to the public.

Martin Nadal 03:30pm

“FANGØ” is a defense weapon against surveillance capitalism. Disguised as a mobile phone charger, a microcontroller takes control of the smartphone in which it is plugged in. Making queries to Amazon, Google, and other search engines, uploading videos on YouTube, liking random photos on Instagram, it aims to deceive data brokers, and disrupt the data capturing process.

In this two-part workshop, the artist will introduce participants to the concept of surveillance capitalism and how it works, and he will present examples of works from other artists who examine similar ideas through their work. In the second part, the group will discuss the technical aspects of the “FANGØ” device, and the participants will have the chance to replicate one using their own Raspberry Pi, under the artist’s guidance.