Art’s birthday 2019

IMAge-to-Poem Service
by Norberth Math

THU 17 01 2019 15:00 – 19:00
Wahlbüro XX Techné 6.0
Linzerstrasse 17, St. Pölten

An event as part of We Have A Choice

It’s been a million and 56 years since man created art. Since then, art has been tirelessly created, and, as we know, exciting and rewarding artwork is being done, and it is not easy to do this. Everybody is able to create art, but very few people bother and appreciate what the art produces. There should even be people who believe that they can live without art.

It’s about time that art is able to reproduce itself. In the sense of the “creation permanente” the art in the IMA-to-Poem Service will make itself gifts.


An AI (neural network) writes poetry. These poems are generated from images submitted to the AI. We use the software img2poem [] and an online interface, via which the audience can upload pictures and read the generated poems (additional service: this can also be done eg via Twitter or Instagram respectively).

At our party we will look for pictures from the net and the exhibition at Wahlbüro XX Techné 6.0, print them out and submit them to the img2poem program. Elisabeth Schimana will recite the poems in the audio live stream and we will give the poems a suitable musical framework – music woven from algebraic patterns.

Nobody Has The Choice

spatial text intervention and polymedia live performance for the location of your world

19 12 2018 5:00 pm – 09:00 pm
18h Performance mit Aiko

concept, text, projection: starsky
choreography, dance: aiko
music: akkamiau und Norbert Math
live audio stream:

Wahlbüro XX TÉCHNE 6.0
Linzerstrasse 17, St. Pölten

An event as part of We Have A Choice

the right to self-determination over the female body is unerringly used as a power instrument in all patriarchal cultures. not only is the woman’s body permanently optimized for the masculine look and subjected to the masculine by law, but also the great power of the woman, the reproduction, is reinterpreted to weakness, which she declares unfit for money, power and function, and thereby wrong in her contrary. and finally, the culmination of this misappropriation, is then attributed to the woman’s entire reproduction and care work alone, with little esteem and shifted into the sphere of unpaid work. no wonder, then, that for a long time and unabated people have been ignited by female self-determination over their own bodies in the patriarchal context. written or incorporated into the body, the female body culminates in the patriarchal-feminist discourse.
these inscriptions into and attributions to the female body as well as the associated spaces of meaning and meaning are condensed into a polymedial live performance in which each person can make their own image.