Art's Birthday


the first time is spoken
but still i feel
i’m moving in my heart
i want to be happy
you will be
you want to fly
you are a beautiful
you want to be
trying to fly
hold your heart
to feel your heart
your heart is always
your heart hurts
it is not

the sun
is a dream of love
the sky is dark
im blessed be the light
im tired of time
it was a dream moving to get my back
you will find my heart away
just as i wish i could fly
hold the windows of your sky
and i want to be
you’re a dream

i have seen the elements of love
let me sing
i want to sing to sing
i want to sing to sing
my heart
let me be my love
let me be free
let it be
love you will be so
love you will find
in darkness dreams
so much more than you
can be so much

one day i wish you were a dream
i want to feel a dream
if i could not see what you can see
just beyond the evening sun
in the dark room for
just like a little game
you walk back down the road
then you want to get up
you know how can you go
you are like a butterfly

the sun
set my heart
let us be
in the dark night
like a flower
in the darkness
it’s not real
it’s not so
i know
it is not so much
in the sky
so much

i am a coal-truck
waiting for a time
stop my mind
the rain
got your mind
a new light
to be warm
you will be your way
when rain comes

and what is it to be done
if you have done
if you were not
withstanding wasn’t there

i know that i will never know
how i could see you feel like a snail
perhaps you can see
ypur heart is hidden in your eyes
like some other just you feel the way you are
beautiful your heart is a love
of butterfly butterfly love in your heart
love can be so much joy
and be