Floating Sketches


© Elisas Kaltenberger

The Project Floating Sketches consists of the brothers Tobias and Fabian Schiel, who, though coming from very different backgrounds (Psychedelic Rock and EDM), started producing together in 2019, initially only with software and guitar. In 2020 and 2022 they released the albums “Blissful Island” and “Flake Shadows”.

In the last two years their workflow changed quite drastically, as they started to work primarily with modular synthesizers and incorporate field recordings while trying to focus more on a performative approach. This resulted in music that tends to sound more open and organic, which can be heard in the EPs “Passive Synthesis” and “Incidence”, which were released in 2023. The EP “Incidence” was a cooperation with the trumpeter Tilman Kraeft, whom they got to know through the experimental jam sessions “Klub Montage” in Vienna, where they all regularly participate.

The performative aspect of their new workflow was also demonstrated at Sonnenparkfest in St. Pölten in 2023, where they performed improvised Ambient music for two hours.

Their goal for 2024 is to develop both their sound and playing capability further, with regards to more live performances and hopefully a new release, where every track would be recorded in one take without any overdubs.

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