Henry Holzwarth


© Isbella Garcia

Henry Holzwarth is a musician, DJ and electronic producer based in Spain. His style has been evolving during the last 20 years always mixing an analogic musical perspective with a more electronic side. As a DJ his sessions could inspire and combine experimental and atmospheric tracks with electronic and danceable and groovy melodies. Countless gigs in Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany and huge events as Il Salone of the Mobile Milano 2016/2018.

Holzwarth has released records with different labels. His compositions have no limits, discovering themselves through a world of leafy samples and exuberant rhythms, where retrofuturistic synthesizers exhibit luxurious orchestral nuances and voices navigate the gentle currents of science. His most personal work (“Father Theories”) has been published in vinyl and digitally through the Finnish label Zozaya Records.

As composer of original music for brands his work consists in designing musical made-to-measure pieces for videos and advertising campaigns. What differentiates his labor from other alternatives to incorporate music into advertising projects is precisely the fact that every musical piece is created originally for each campaign. To some extent, the view could be taken that he is a kind of musical tailor whose job it is create soundscapes and sonic made-to-measure suits for each order.