Lissie Rettenwander

Born in Kitzbühel, raised on a farm in Gundhabing. There her musical career begins. Rettenwander uncompromisingly lets herself in for the balancing act between tradition and avant-garde. As a composer-performer she works with her voice, with zither, accordion, guitar, metronomes, tuning forks, toy songbirds, herding calls, electronics, rooms, and the mini-amplifier Vox. “In her acoustic world there is simultaneity and multitude in one. The palette of acoustic events ranges far and wide, the dramaturgy allows for acoustic images of the highest intensity and colourfulness. With her music, Lissie Rettenwander brings together the most diverse elements and for this very reason creates unity in exuberant imagination. This talent for the extreme brings forth new things, intrigues and draws attention.” (Wolfgang Praxmarer)