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lizvlx is part of UBERMORGEN (AT/CH/US), an artist duo founded in 1995. Autistic actionist lizvlx and pragmatic visionary Hans Bernhard are pioneers and media hackers widely recognized for their high-risk research into data & matter, conceptual art, and polarising social experiments. They reached a global audience of 500 million while challenging the FBI, CIA, and NSA during the US presidential election. They have worked with pixels, software, and AI. Recent notable projects include NFT series Cerebelle, and, commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial & the Whitney Museum of American Art. They have 2 kids, Billie and Lola Mae. Lizvlx grew up in Wels, Salzburg and Elmira (NY). Their earliest works were part of the ’90s avantgarde movement (etoy,
The collaboration with their kids (Superenhanced & No Limit), the inclusion of Luzius’s mental illness and the merger of private and public life led academics to consider UBERMORGEN as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

Participation in IMA projects
DigiDic - The Exhibition