Marija Juza


© Marija Juza

born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1985. After finishing School of Applied Arts and Design Zagreb, Department of Interior Architecture, she enrolled in Faculty of Architecture – School of Design at the University of Zagreb and in 2012 received her M.A. in (Visual Communication) Design. As cofounder, creative director and project manager she works at Organizam (Sintoment + UBU + Babushke + Nefunkcionalni most).

Marija works on research, multimedia art and design projects that are engaged in social criticism and encourage intercultural dialogue as well as creative expression and artistic creativity. She received many awards some of which are Type Directors Club (Judges Choice & Certificate for Typographic Excellence), BIO.23 Special Jury Award, Hiiibrand 2010 – Merit Award, Grand Prix of Croatian Designers Society 2014, Wine Packaging Design Award from Croatian Chamber of Economy, Golden Bra for Best Typography – 11th Magdalena Festival etc.