Masha Dabelka

Masha Dabelka (musician, Turntablista):
The musician Masha Dabelka started with early musical education at the age of four at the music school in Siberia, where she would later organise rave events. She continued her professional and student path in Vienna, Austria in 2008. There she produces electronic music from ambient to techno, experimental and drone, - for film music, sound installations and other art and commercial projects. Masha Dabelka is one of a few DJs who performs with 3 turntables. She is currently employed as a lecturer at MUK. In 2019 she founded her private DJ school “Turntablista” for women in Vienna. In her DJ school you learn “Beatmatching by Ear” and the basics of DJ craft, understanding the basic structure of musical composition as well as working with analogue and digital media.

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