Michaela Stock


© Michaela Stock

Michaela Stock, born 1970 in Innsbruck, lives and works in Vienna. Education: Art history / University of Vienna, Focus: Buddhist Art / Western Himalaya, Interdisciplinary Course for Higher Latin America Studies / Master of Arts in Latin American Studies.

Galerie Michaela Stock was founded in Vienna in 2007 as a platform for young Austrian artists who are not yet established in the art world. For the past years, the gallery has focused more on Central and Eastern European art, especially conceptual and performance art and supports destructive and radical art. The aim of gallery’s programme is to explore the interrelations between the artistic practice as performance, photography, video and films as well as those between contemporary art theory and literature.

Michaela Stock and Marko Marković established 2015 DOPUST / Days of open performance VIENNA, a yearly, international Performance Festival in Vienna. DOPUST is therefore intended to provide a platform for new ways of critical thinking, for research and analysis and innovative models that promote cultural exchange and network in fields of performance theory and practice.