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Rania Wazir is co-founder and CTO of leiwand.ai – a startup dedicated to supporting companies and organisations with the development and deployment of trustworthy AI. Rania is a mathematician, with degrees from Stanford (B.Sc.) and Brown University (Ph.D.). For the past 6 years, she has worked as a freelance data scientist, specialising in Trustworthy AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Social Media Monitoring. As consortium lead, she recently concluded an investigation of bias in algorithms for the EU Fundamental Rights Agency. Currently, Rania is tech lead in an ongoing three-year project to create a fair by design AI development process funded by the Austrian Research Agency. With leiwand.ai, she is involved in several new research and development projects revolving around trustworthy AI, with a particular focus on the detection and mitigation of bias and discrimination in AI. Rania is Austrian delegate to CEN/CLC JTC21 on “Artificial Intelligence”, and to the ISO/IEC working group on Trustworthy AI, where she is actively engaged in the development of new AI standards, including as Project Editor of the ISO/IEC Transparency taxonomy of AI systems standardization project. She is coordinator of the VDSG’s data4good Initiative, and has been conducting social media monitoring for Amnesty International Italy, investigating human rights impacts of Twitter and Facebook, since 2018.

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